The B-Shoes Help Elderly People Avoid Falls and Keep Their Footing

 - Apr 8, 2014
References: b-shoes & ohgizmo
The B-Shoes are shoes that are fitted with a unique fall-prevention system that helps wearers stay upright in the event of slips and trips that could result in painful or embarrassing falls.

The B-Shoes were designed taking into account input from orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, scientists and engineers specializing in human biomechanics to make for an effective and practical fall-preventing design. While the B-Shoes are suitable for anyone who has two left feet and trips over frequently, they were designed specifically with older people in mind.

The B-Shoes or 'balancing shoes' have a fall-prevention device kicks in when it detects that a wearer has lost their balance and may be in danger of falling backwards. The shoes' motorized heels then drive the show back into a standing position, restoring the wearer's balance and preventing a potentially dangerous fall.