Brazil is Ready to Share Their Sweet Biofuel Technology

 - Apr 22, 2009
References: news.xinhuanet
Leading up to Earth Day, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva spoke to international communities urging the need to bolster initiatives in Biofuel Technology, stating that "Biofuels are an effective weapon in the fight against global warming." Brazil’s 30-year-old ethanol fuel program is based on efficient sugarcane cultivation.

Society is becoming more environmentally conscious and the demand for cleaner, renewable energy is growing. Brazil is ready to share the Biofuel technology that they have developed for the past 30 years.

The Brazilian automotive industry’s ‘flexible fuel’ vehicles are capable of running on any mixture ethanol or gasoline. Brazil is considered to have the world’s first sustainable biofuel economy.

Sugarcane Ethanol is $1.03 less than the retail price for energy equivalent of gasoline, has 8x greater energy output than fossil fuel energy input required for production, and 56% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to gasoline.