Bribespot App Allows to See Where Bribes Are Most Prevalent

 - Sep 1, 2011
References: bribespot & thenextweb
Bribespot app -- available on the web and for your Android device -- allows you the ability to track instances of bribery and see when and where they have occurred in the past. Initially this app might seem a little frivolous, since in North America bribery from public officials is not widespread, but in the rest of the world it is a common part of life.

For travellers, Bribespot app can be an excellent resource to get a sense of how much extortion is common. It can also provide a sense of places you might want to stay away from; places like Romania, Russia and Mexico have some of the highest bribes worldwide. Bribespot app is an excellent project that leverages the power of the group to bring about social change.