Brian Cassey Documents the Solitary Life of David Glasheen

 - Nov 29, 2012
References: briancasseyphotographer & mymodernmet
Australian photographer Brian Cassey was commissioned by The Sydney Morning Herald to capture the life of former businessman David Glasheen. Glasheen is famous for his attainment and eventual loss of millions during the 1987 stock market crash. He has since retired to Restoration Island where he supports himself.

Restoration Island is approximately 1,500 miles from Brisbane. The now divorced Glasheen cultivates his own vegetables and beer. He catches fish when need be, fueling himself on the provisions that are made naturally available to him.

Cassey's vibrant images will be featured in an article titled 'The Last Days of Eden.' Glasheen's life is indeed similar to that of the biblical Adam, seen here in his of-the-earth existence.