Nissan's Bret Michaels 'Tough Love' Music Video is a Viral Success

 - Aug 20, 2014
References: nissantoughlove & adweek
The Bret Michaels 'Tough Love' video for Nissan has gone absolutely viral in the Internet, featuring plenty of nostalgia from the 80s and just the right amount of ridiculousness.

Bret Michaels sings to the tune of 'Endless Love' and sings an ode to the car, gazing lovingly at it, getting an image of the vehicle tattooed on his arm and otherwise just rocking out. This viral car ad reached over a million views in its first week of being on YouTube, proving that not all successful car ads have to feature crazy stunts to spread like wildfire over the Internet. The ad for Nissan's commercial vans shows off some of the testing that the vehicles go through, and Nissan sums up the music video nicely by stating: "the tougher we test them, the more you love them."