The 'Breeze' Breathalyzer Can Call You A Cab

Breeze is an incredibly compact and easy to use wireless smart breathalyzer that can help you measure your blood alcohol content, so you know when it's time to give your car keys to a sober friend before returning to those shots. This wearable smart breathalyzer is capable of tracking your blood alcohol content, before feeding the information to your smart phone via Bluetooth.

This breathalyzer is designed to look and be held like a whistle, making it easy to use and blow into. The device absorbs the particles in users' exhaled breath, before analyzing and translating it and transmitting the data to users' smartphones via WiFi.

Conveniently, the Breeze breathalyzer's companion app can then tell you what kinds of food you might want to eat to help you sober up, or even call you a cab so you can get home safe.