Yoga at Breathe Easy is Practiced in Rooms Full of Pink Himalayan Salt

 - Dec 24, 2016
References: breatheeasyusa & refinery29
The breath is one of the foundations of a yoga practice and it is of the utmost importance at the Breathe Easy studio in New York City.

What really sets Breathe Easy's yoga classes apart from others is that students are invited into rooms filled with pink Himalayan salt crystals. These soothing environments are reminiscent of salt caves, where many people with respiratory issues go for healing. As Breathe Easy points out on its site, the use of salt therapy has been scientifically proven to be beneficial as a holistic treatment for everything from coughing and wheezing to allergies and asthma. If nothing else, this unique yoga class is one to try for the experience alone.

As an alternative to being active in one of its 'Salty Yoga' Wellness Classes, Breathe Easy also offers salt rooms and salt beds for relaxation.