Breath Green is a Living Lung that Improves the Health of the City

 - Oct 3, 2011
References: suckerpunchdaily
Urban farming is a provocative concept that architects and engineers are working hard to realize. Breath Green marks another of such projects that aims to bring accessibility, efficiency and sustainability into agriculture through its relocation to the thriving New York City metropolis.

The form of the structure is reminiscent of a larger-than-life leaf, containing tier upon tier of stacked greenhouse spaces. Perforations in the floor and expansive windowed cladding allow sunlight to seem into every corner of the interior, eliminating the need for artificial lighting during the daytime. The smooth transparent skin of Breath Green by Luis Daniel Pozo Torres also incorporates a sophisticated insulating system to regulate the temperature year-round, guaranteeing a great yield.

Photo Credits: Flickr