Bus Station Hosts Underwear Fashion Show & Go

 - Mar 3, 2008
References: finissimo.br & treycruz
Agreed not a new type of event, as New York has its very own National Underwear Day dating back to 2003, but this similar event in Brazil (in its second year) is more of a fashion show, as it represents 13 international, national marks and shops of Brasilia and hands out advertising and marketing materials of the sexy underwear on display.

The Brazil National Underwear Day took place last week amid the chaotic scenes of a capital city bus station - Brasilia. 27 models in sexy variations of panties, bra and shorts helped draw attention to the finer details of quality branded underwear from the the likes of Scala, Colcci, Luppo, Apoena, Soleil Sucré, Verve, Calvin Klein and Foch.

The beautiful models and their skimpy colorful designs were bused in for the event and gave the already naturally blessed people of Brazil another chance to be thankful for the natural beauty of their, and offered a great way to escape the usually very boring act of waiting around at a bus station.