Ruadh DeLone's Brave New Worlds Series Questions Manipulations on All Levels

 - Nov 12, 2011
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There is something rather robotic about the babies in the Brave New Worlds photo series that makes these little ones creepy to look at. Of course, as the title suggests, it is a brave new world that humans are entering and the technology available to genetically manipulate fetuses can be just as bizarre as manipulating photography. Hence the strangely expressionless faces on these particular babies.

Shot by Ruadh DeLone, the Brave New Worlds series looks more like computer-generated graphics than real photos. The crispness of each photo, as well as the vintage-like finish lends an unrealistic element to the series.

Overall, the Brave New Worlds photo series puts into question scientific discoveries and the tampering of human genetics and traits. Who knows what kind of children humans will be breeding in the near future?