These Bratwurst Sausages are Designed to Be Paired with Certain Beers

 - Jul 31, 2015
References: dogfish & fastcodesign
The Dogfish Head Brewery teamed up with Coleman Natural Foods to design a line of bratwurst sausages that are specially formulated to pair well with beer. While the idea of pairing sausages with beer is nothing new, these particular bratwursts are designed to taste better when accompanied by specific Dogfish Head beers. The unique promotion makes it easier for consumers to know exactly what beverages pair best with their meal.

The bratwurst sausages come in a variety of unique flavors, including Spicy Espresso, Heirloom Italian and Greek Feta Chicken. Each of the sausages is flavored with a beer reduction, which helps bring out the flavors of their accompanying beverage. The sausages each come with two pairing suggestions, which help consumers narrow down what beer they want to drink with their meal.

By creating a food product that perfectly complements its beers, the Dogfish Head Brewery has made it quick and easy for consumers to create a complete meal. The pre-matched pairings thus recreate the restaurant experience at the supermarket level.