These 'Passionate' Chocolate Packages Boasts Personified Graphics

 - Sep 7, 2015
References: & packageinspiration
Hungary-based designer Zsofia Mihaly created a unique brand identity for a line of brandy-filled chocolates. Each flavored brandy candy is packaged in a box with a personified image.

The brandy-filled chocolates are available in plum, raspberry, cherry and apricot flavors. These flavors are presented in a liquefied form of brandy and are injected into balls of dark or milk chocolate. The candies are then placed in a unique white box that is labeled with an illustrated image of a person.

Each of the labels represents a flavor based on a different person's image. For example, the cherry flavor uses an illustration of a blonde woman in a white dress who is wearing a red headband -- she is seen pouring red brandy into a ball of chocolate. In addition, each illustration boasts a peek-a-boo element that is open to reveal the contents of every candy package.