Is Scarification (Burning Patterns into Skin) the New Tattoo?

 - Jun 16, 2009   Updated: Jul 13 2011
References: bmezine
In an update on branding, here are a few more chill-inducing pictures of the new fad that has more and more people opting for scars than tattoos.

Branding, or scarification, emerged in San Francisco and was originally embraced by gay and lesbian subcultures. Now, it seems to be spreading like wildfire as it is being considered a spiritual experience.

Implications - As society moves more and more towards individualization, various forms of body modification have emerged and become prominent across many subcultures and youths. Some more taboo than others, each development seems more outrageous than the next. Scarification is one of the many that is initially shocking, but appeals to a significant amount of people looking for inique ways to express themselves.

Check out the gallery to see if you would prefer branding over tattoos.