The Brakket LED Watch Encrypts Simple Time-Telling for Strangers

 - Nov 19, 2012
References: tokyoflash
Nothing says futuristic like a watch that makes it almost impossible for present-day individuals to read like the Brakket LED watches.

Reminiscent of Tron, the wristwatch is available in four vibrant colors: amber, blue, red and green. The face's design was inspired by simple brackets, which inspired the timepiece's name. Unlike most watches, this piece comes with the option of turning it off while wearing, making it a sleek and stylish bracelet. To read the time, simply press the command to trigger the vibrant glowing illumination briefly. The time will be displayed in a vertical pattern, illuminating in a slightly confusing manner. According to the designer, the cryptic design of the Brakket LED watches was intentional, making it a puzzle for passersby, and the user initially, to figure out the current time.