Brake Bread Bakery Delivers Savory Buns and Loaves by Bicycle

 - Jan 24, 2017
References: brakebread & citypages
Brake Bread is a Denver-based bakery that offers consumers original baked goods through a unique business model. The small local bakery gives its consumers the option to either get their bread from the storefront or have it delivered right to their doorstep via bicycle courier.

Brake Bread's bicycle delivery service is a subscription model. This means that, more often than not, people subscribing will choose from a selection of the bakery's various original loaf recipes. These include the 'Classic Cruiser,' a naturally leavened sourdough-type bread, and the 'Poppy Wheelie Sesame' with toasted poppy and sesame seeds.

In store, Brake Bread's most popular items are their 'Spinners,' which are buns about the size of a cinnamon bun. They're more of a personal snack than the full-sized loaves, coming in savory flavors like olive and feta.