This Online Urban Editorial Focuses on Boyish Style Fashion

 - Jan 19, 2014
This intriguing online editorial is centered around boyish style men's wear, modeled by young adults. Fashion photographer Johannes Kuczera is behind this stylish series, which is titled 'Boy Hood Hero.' In these urban shots, a group of 20-something year old males wander around the city sporting a mix of pinstripe shorts, hoodies, caps and button up shirts. These looks are a perfect mix of mature formal wear and tween style fashion. Even some of the haircuts in this series appear sort of childish (especially the bowl cuts).

The majority of these shots are monochromatic, but a few are colorful and lively. These gents sport an array of stylish men's wear while also sporting goofy expressions or doing silly things. These youthful (and fashionable) shots suggest that people in their early 20's are more like big kids than adults.