Bourbon Smoked Paprika Gives the Palate a Booze-Filled Adventure

Paprika on its own is fairly spicy, but for the culinary adventurous who really want to kick things up a notch, there's the Bourbon Smoked Paprika.

Those with a spice-loving palate and a taste for hard liquor will find a friend in the Bourbon Smoked Paprika. The combination of fiery, aromatic flavors and booze will definitely bring up the flavor profile for whatever is on the menu. The paprika has actually been smoked with fine Kentucky bourbon. It's got a hint of sweetness and a mellow, oaky aroma from the liquor itself. This will definitely be a great spice to use for barbecues or a roast.

With paprika and bourbon in one little tin can, there's no reason not to try this.