This DIY Bottle Cap Floor Project is Fun to Build and Secure Materials For

I would advise you to get some friends to help you out with this DIY bottle cap floor project.

You might not need friend's help to actually build the bottle cap floor, but securing the building materials by yourself might lead to a nasty case of alcohol poisoning. The idea for the project was put together by the Owner-Builder Network, and simply involves flattening and gluing bottle caps to the floor to make a compelling, beer-loving mosaic. You could also say that you're doing your part for the environment by recycling the caps in such a unique way.

Considering that the builder made the bottle cap floor into a bathroom floor, I would imagine that it would be rather slippery when wet. At any rate, there's probably no better way to show your houseguests how much you like a few cold ones than covering your floor with bottle caps.