Boreal Halo Gives the Carreau du Temple a Heavenly Glow

Designed by Vincent Leroy, the Boreal Halo gives a heavenly quality to the Carreau du Temple in Paris. The sphere is huge, taking up a large portion of one of the floors.

The artist has used very unnoticeable materials for the entire design, as he tries to hide the workings of everything from the audience, allowing them to simply experience the results. Moreover, the halo slowly rotates too, making certain sections move closer to the ground as it twirls around on the spot. The halo is also the only installation in the room, making it hard not to notice when walking by from the outside.

This installation by Vincent Leroy is very simplistic, but memorable at the same time. He does a great job with engaging his audience with such a significant structure.

Photo Credits: designboom,