The Boosted Board Can Take You Uphill While Onlookers Get Puzzled

 - Sep 11, 2012
References: kickstarter & techcrunch
Taking on the problem of going uphill while on a longboard, the Boosted Board uses an electric motor to propel one up steep inclines. This Kickstarter campaign project can be used as a regular long board, or the electric motor can be engaged via a wireless remote to accelerate one up to its top speed of 20mph -- wow, that's fast!

At $1,200, the Boosted Board is not a play toy. It's an eco-friendly transportation device that is being created by Stanford engineering students. The board is lightweight (12-15lbs) despite its motor, and it also includes a brake to keep you from suffering a high-speed crash.

Maybe the most fun thing about the Boosted Board is that you can perplex onlookers while going uphill because the motor is so quiet and the wireless remote is so small, it probably can't be detected unless up-close.