The iPod Boombox from Urban Outfitters

 - Apr 1, 2008
References: urbanoutfitters
Now, this is really a boombox! Actually, retro boombox would be more apt due to the fact that this gadget has been actualized with up to the second tech. This is in fact an iPod Boombox from Urban Outfitters! Its design, shape and color are very similar to the annoying boomboxes of yesteryears but this one comes with a built-in iPod dock, USB flash drive, SD/MMC cards for mp3 playback, AV output for TV connectivity, AM/FM/RBDS and a host of other tech upgrades. Will this reincarnation catch on and become as ubiquitous and supremely annoying as the boomboxes of years past? We'll just have to wait and see.