The SmileSuggest Bookmarking Tool Automatically Saves Pages That Make You Happy

 - May 7, 2015
References: smilesuggest & springwise
You probably already save the sites that make you laugh or smile the most, but this bookmarking tool automates the process for you. Google Chrome extension SmileSuggest uses your computer webcam and facial recognition software to automatically bookmark pages that make you smile or laugh. The browser add-on essentially watches you as you view different websites.

Created by Martin McAllister, the bookmarking tool uses the javascript-based clmtrackr emotion detecting program to determine when you see something that makes you happy. You can customize the settings by choosing the size your smile has to be for SmileSuggest to save a page. You can then browse through the saved sites and go a step further my recommending them to your friends and followers via social media.

Instead of facial recognition technology being used to identify ads and help marketers, SmileSuggest ensures users are the only ones who benefit.