This Book Vase Amalgamates Plant Life and Reading Material Beautifully

 - Apr 29, 2013
References: & neatorama
This book vase is absolutely perfect for anyone that has an affinity for both books and plants.

Designed by YOY Design Studio, the book vase is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It's a relatively thin vase in the shape of a book and should slide in perfectly in between your copies of Catcher in the Rye and The Hunger Games, or perhaps Harry Potter and Twilight books if that's the kind of reading material you enjoy. The book vase also cleverly disguises itself with the title "The Life of Plants" along the spine of the book. When you open the front cover of the book vase, a clear plastic container reveals itself allowing someone to to see the plant roots and soil within.

It's a very clever design that adds a little something special to any book shelf, unless you're like me and you have a thumb so black that plants speak your name in fearful hushed tones.