This Into That

 - May 22, 2008
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Functional art by This Into That includes bookshelves and cases made of, well, old books. They're handcrafted by Jim Rosenau who was raised in a house with about 5,000 books. His thematic book furniture idea came after reading an essay called “Books as Furniture” by Nicholson Baker. Some of his creations are truly witty by taking advantage of book titles.

My favourite bookshelf is the “Who Done It?” made out of three books entitled “Who pushed Humpty Dumpty?”, “All the King's Men” and “Anatomy of a Murder”. The egg beater incorporated into the design is a hoot.

His “Myths that Live Today” bookshelf, another clever creation, included books called “Anyone can still make a million”, “I'll quit tomorrow”, “Live Forever","Anyone can do anything” and “You are younger than you think”.

He takes custom orders, one example being the legal thriller bookshelves made for an attorney. Fun furniture for bookaholics!