These Book Ends are Stable and Skater-Savvy

 - Oct 10, 2013
References: fancy
For those that enjoy reading and are interested in adding some flair to their book shelves, consider this tail and nose skateboard book end unit. The bookend is essentially a full skateboard parted in half, with the appropriate bookend pieces.

The actual unit is made up of Canadian maple and is assembled with all the standard hardware, alongside trucks and wheels. These bookends come in three different colors: red, maple and dark brown. The skateboards come from actual skateboard units (rideable) which are then appropriated for these usages. The wheels on these book ends do not move however, making your books secure and sturdy.

The actual bookends themselves are made up of stainless solid steel and a sleek black design. These book ends will have every skater-book nerd in awe. This would make for a great gift.