The Book Clock by Masaaki Hiromura Keeps Time in an Unusual Way

 - Dec 18, 2013
References: hiromuradesign & spoon-tamago
Graphic Designer Masaaki Hiromura's latest installation entitled Book Clock is on display at MUJI in Shibuya, Japan.

Book Clock is a video piece that displays three books side by side; one book representing the hours, minutes and seconds of a clock. The video runs on a continuous loop as one hand franticly flips the pages of the "seconds" book marked with numbers ranging from "00" to "60." After every minute, another hand appears and flips the page in the "minutes;" another will flip the page in the "hours" after every 60 minutes. I believe writer Johnny from Spoon & Tamago described it best as "the most analog, digital clock ever."

As the seconds go by, rather than hear the "ticking" of a clock, you hear the maddening sound of pages being flipped. To fully grasp the concept of the Book Clock, photos alone will not suffice; it's best to watch the video.