Bombastic Plastix is a Social Business Creating Good out of Garbage

 - Mar 16, 2012
References: bombasticplastix & facebook
Bombastic Plastix calls their products garbage. But of course, they don't mean that in a negative way. In fact, it's entirely good. An Indonesian social business based in Bali, Bombastic Plastix upcycles plastic bags in order to make wallets and tote bags of all shapes and sizes in nifty, vibrant designs.

What about the social side? Bombastic Plastix outlines its theory on its website: "Some folks don't like it that we pay more money then [sic] they pay for scrap. The trash business is big business and the folks that profit from it don't like us messin' with their turf. We've been able to find a few folks that will fight the system and are open to a new way. We have a word for folks like this. Brave."

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