Serrah Russell Body Part Photos Create Human Landscapes

 - Feb 23, 2013
References: serrahrussell & beautifuldecay
In her series titled 'You Don't/Know Me,' photographer Serrah Russell takes closeup body part photos that are simultaneously sensual and shy.

The bare skin photos expose the concave curves of the human body, creating landscape-style imagery out of limbs and torsos. Collar bones, jaw lines and shoulders become tantalizingly intimate without revealing any personal or private features. Celebrating the female figure and all of the promises and secrets it holds, the photographer shows that less is always more, especially when it comes to intimacy and sensuality. She understands that the narrative of a person's biography can be traced through its impact on their body, revealing a different story for each person.

Serrah Russell uses her collection of body part photos to express a desire for connection with others through a mutual understanding.