Warm Up with Your Favorite Ray of Joy with the Rainbow Brite Body Cozy

 - Dec 18, 2012
References: spencersmvc.kraftek.net & neatorama
As winter comes into full effect, you will need more winter accessories such as the rainbow brite body cozy, which will warm you right up in a bright and fun way. The cozy is a blanket that comes with sleeves so that you can decide if you want to wear it as a blanket or as another playful accessory when lounging around at home.

The blanket has Rainbow Bright imprinted on it so that you can have a fun time imagining that you are fighting evil with your rainbow-haired horse Starlite through the power of light, magic and kindness. It is also a great way to bring back nostalgia for those who were kids in the 80s.

The Rainbow Brite Body Cozy is available for $24.95 online at the NeatoShop.