The 'Bobbler' Provide Idle Hands a Way to Fidget During Work

 - Apr 16, 2019
References: kickstarter & geeky-gadgets
Fidget toys have surged in popularity as of recently as adult consumers continue to accept them as an excellent way to keep idle hands busy, so designers are taking notice with new options like the 'Bobbler.' The fidget toys are precision machines and feature a magnetic profile that will let users perform a variety of different techniques to get the items to move in satisfying ways. The metallic spheres can then be left to spin freely or move as desired to provide both tactile and visual stimulation for office workers seeking a better way to fidget as they brainstorm.

The 'Bobbler' fidget toys speak to the growing acceptance of playthings in the workplace as consumers and companies alike recognize the benefits of sporadic play.