The Kesnia Schnaider Fashion Line is Beautifully Warm Weather-Ready

The spring/summer 2015 collection from brand Ksenia Schnaider, presents a profound idea -- a view from the digital era into the cultural past. Floral patterns of Ukrainian national ornament on a thoughtful minimalism bed of clothing composed of broken pixels and glitches can be seen allegorically; they depict digital media which led to distortion of country's present and past, like shown in the broken screen of an electronic device or were exposed to visual disturbances.

Pioneers of Ukrainian fashion designers Ksenia and Anton Schnaider want to show the connection with the archaic era and era where all the information is translated into a digital format. Blurred images show the easy distortion of information in the media.

All of these deep meanings can be found on clothing that has become a classic because of its European principles in design, smart minimalism and pure functionality.