The Blue Bottle Coffee Shinjuku Was Designed by Schemata Architects

 - May 4, 2016
Designed by renowned firm Schemata Architects, the recently opened Blue Bottle Coffee Shinjuku shop in Tokyo is a stunningly modern take on cafe culture. Attached to Shinjuku Station, the new coffee shop is stark white and features the brand's instantly recognizable paint-stamped sky blue bottle logo subtly distributed across the space.

The bright Blue Bottle Coffee Shinjuku shop is designed to create a "fair relationship" between all people experiencing the space; whether that refers to a "host" or "guest" of all meetings, whether in line, working as a cashier or sitting among other customers.

The easily accessible Blue Bottle Coffee Shinjuku store is sure to be a hit with consumers looking for a premium dose of caffeine before they head off to work each morning.