The Bloom Chair by Paige Vanderkemp Melds Man-Made and Natural

Mixing very different materials in design requires an intuitive knack for visual harmony, and the Bloom chair by Paige Vanderkemp is one piece of furniture that manages to make up a remarkably complete seat.

A rich wood with a dark stain makes an abstract composition of straight-angled legs and a softly curved settle, reminiscent of modern movables of the 1970s. The object achieves a true contemporary state with the inclusion of a transparent backrest made to mimic the curves that the timber comes to create. The clear support is of a sturdy acrylic plastic, enhanced with a unique base, where conceptual cuts have been added as detailing. The Bloom chair by Paige Vanderkemp may harken to a popular style, but it's been infused with a fresh idiosyncrasy.