This Medical Innovation Could Keep Patients From Bleeding Out

 - May 11, 2017
References: wired
Neurosurgeon Kevin Tracey has discovered a blood loss-preventing technique that could revolutionize defense systems and the medical world.

With an electric shock to the vagus nerve, doctors would be able to form a neural tourniquet that can stop people from bleeding out. When blood vessels are broken, nerve endings send signals to blood cells and platelets to the wounded area. Tracey hypothesized that if this signal was intercepted (in this case with an electric shock), this response could temporarily be blocked. Molecular microbiologist Chris Czura has spent the last 15 years testing this blood loss prevention technology on rats and pigs with great success. They have discovered that the shock can be given preemptively to temporarily halt blood loss. Testing on human subjects begins this year at Northwell Hospital.

The American military wants to use this technology on soldiers before they enter the battle field, while Bill Gates and the 'Gates Foundation' wants to use this blood loss-preventing technology to stop maternal death by bloodloss.