This New Blood Testing Method Uses Your Smartphone's Display

 - Mar 18, 2014
References: & gizmodo
Swiss researchers are developing technology that could see smartphone screens used to conduct blood testing on patients.

Patients with certain blood disorders need to make frequent trips to the hospital to undergo tests monitoring their condition. This is tiresome for patients and also uses up precious hospital resources. To address this, researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have come up with a portable blood test that relies on smartphone displays.

Smartphone capacitative touchscreens maintain a constant electric charge that is actually disrupted when your finger touches the screen. This property can be manipulated to conduct blood tests. The researchers developed a super-thin film which can be placed on a smartphone display. When a drop of blood is introduced, it coagulates and disrupts the touchscreen's electrical field in a way that can be analyzed by an accompanying app. The results can then me immediately sent to a doctor.

The film is still being researched, but its inventors are hoping that it will be ready for use in 2015.