The Bliss Table by John Stangdell Adheres to Personal Taste

 - May 9, 2012
References: stangdell & yankodesign
Elegant and refined, the Bliss Table by John Stangdell is an aesthetically classic addition to one's interior decor. According to Stangdell's website, the inspiration for the company's designs is "people, from all over the world." With personality and authenticity at the core of the company's approach, it's no surprise that the table is entirely customizable in order to adhere to the customer's own personal taste and style.

For a more standard rendition of the table, subtle colors like brown, gray and black in various hues are available; however, for those who require a louder piece, a vibrant orange and red is also an option.

In addition to these features, the center of the Bliss Table is customizable. Individuals can choose to have a storage unit installed or leave it blank for aesthetic purposes.