Matches Up People Who Meet Fleetingly

 - Sep 22, 2009
References: & springwise is the answer to fleeting meetings that don’t result in a concrete contact-info exchange. Say, for instance, you just met someone you would love to see again—an old friend, a hot potential mate, a promising new client—but you forgot to get their phone number, email, or maybe even their name. That’s where comes in. offers users second chance encounters by matching people up through "moments"-specific times and places. You start by entering in the details of your brief meeting—anything specific you can think of, such as what the person involved said to you. Basically, if the person you’re trying to reconnect with enters the moment as well, you’ll both receive an email notification where you can then have a safe, private chat through to decide if you want to pursue it further.

The founder of sees it developing into a new language and culture. "At a bar you see the girl of your dreams but you’re too nervous ask for her number," he says. "So instead you just say, ‘Hey, Blinka me and maybe we can catch up later’."

This is great if both parties are aware of what is. But if the girl in question has never heard of it, you might just be better off remembering her name (after all, she’s the girl of your dreams!).