The Blind Self Portraits Machine Teaches is Interactive and Fun

 - May 25, 2012
References: flickr & booooooom
Talent and skill are not required to draw an impressive picture of one's own face when using the Blind Self Portraits machine by Matt Mets and Kyle McDonald.

Installed at the NYC Resistor interactive show, the machine uses computer vision to scan someone's face and create the image that will be drawn on paper. Users close their eyes and place their hand on a moving platform, the machine uses the image from the scan and guides the new artist's hand (which hopefully will have a pen or pencil in it) around in order to create a fairly accurate self-portrait.

With the abundance of new cameras hitting the markets as well as modern phones being equipped with picture taking devices, the age of hand-drawn self portraits may be at an end. However, the Blind Self Portraits machine will provide you with a much more interesting profile picture then the one taken on your iPhone.