The 'Plimp' Borrows Blimp and Unmanned Drone Functionality

 - Oct 6, 2017
References: plimp & dailymail
The Plimp is a peculiar but groundbreaking new aircraft, conceived and manufactured by Seattle-based company Egan Airships, that is an unmanned aircraft that takes advantage of helium enveloping, placing it squarely in the novel category of blimp hybrid.

What makes this craft so odd and unique is the fact that it has a pair of rotating wings that allow it to move up and down vertically, but when the craft moves forward, the wings are manipulated into a more conventional angle. What's more, the aircraft is totally unmanned and takes advantage of a helium envelope much like a typical blimp.

With its flexible maneuvering and ability to move from place to place without an on-board pilot, the Plimp blimp hybrid craft could be used for everything from broadcasting advertising messages to carrying out aerial surveillance projects for industrial and military purposes.