Bless You by Ulf Lundin is an Appropriate Series for the Flu Season

 - Jan 10, 2013
References: & neatorama
The flu season is in full effect for those living in the Northern Hemisphere, and so it is only natural that the photo series Bless You by Ulf Lundin, a photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden, has been brought about. Full of sneezing portraits, it is a good thing this action is not like a yawn or else viewers would be following suit left, right and center.

Hilarious and at times disgusting, namely the images that involve spit spraying out of mouths, Bless You by Ulf Lundin offers a unique glimpse at the varying expressions involved in the big sneeze. From sticking out tongues to loose lips, one thing all of these participants have in common is a severely scrunched up face.