This $16,000 Black Watch Design Comes with Top-Knotch Service

This striking black watch design by the Schofield Watch Company is its second ever release, following the massive success of the Signalman timepiece. The watch sets itself apart from the digital watches out there by being an old-style one that requires you to wind it up, encouraging wearers to form a connection with the watch's weight, temperature, texture and unique ticking sound. Only 101 editions of the limited watch design were made, and each one is priced at over $16,000.

This isn't the most exorbitantly priced watch out there, but beyond just getting a watch, the Schofield Watch Company prides itself on creating a positive customer experience even before the watch is received. Often times, this begins by inviting prospective clients to coffee at a members-only bar, and once an order is in the works, a customer receives handwritten notes to update them on the progress of their order.