The 'Clean Black' Toilet is Focused on Sanitation and Comfort

 - Aug 25, 2017
References: yankodesign
Every room in the average home is being flooded with a number of tech-focused accoutrements, so the washroom is up next with the conceptual 'Clean Black' toilet. Designed by Zhou Buyi, the 'Clean Black' boasts a number of smart functionalities that work to make it an impressive fixture for the smart bathroom.

The 'Clean Black' has a bidet functionality along with a self-cleaning sanitation design that enables it to remain as clean as possible at all times. The unit also boasts a remote control for easy use, while the unit also has a heated seat, dryer and much more.

The conceptually demure 'Clean Black' toilet comes as a modern, hygienic solution that would offer smart homes with an extra bit of luxury.