Volkswagen SpaceFox Dog-Fish Campaign

 - Dec 14, 2008
References: adtalkonline
This fun new ad for the Volkswagen SpaceFox in Brazil reveals that man’s best friend has one wild imagination. The guy in the video is at the beach with his pet which happens to be a bizarre dog-fish cross--reflective of the VW vehicle's multi-function features.

When they leave, the slightly creepy-looking critter jumps in the car wagging its fins and has a snack from the built-in doggie food dish. Is he really a dog-fish, or a terrier with a big dream? The tagline is, "SpaceFox... Anything you can imagine."

The ad, which features the music of "Stand by Me" playing in the background, was created by Almap BBDO, Sao Paulo under the direction of Armando Bo.