The Peter's Yard Crispbread Biscuit Crackers are for Cheese Aficionados

The Peter's Yard Crispbread biscuit cracker packaging helps to position the snack products as being a more upscale choice that's focused on artisanal ingredients and methods.

Designed by the COUNTRY creative agency, the Peter's Yard Crispbread packaging features a see-through window for a glimpse of the product and background imagery of crisp bread in its original form. This helps consumers to identify the perceived benefits of these biscuit cracker snacks over another brand that aren't as upfront with branding.

The Peter's Yard Crispbread flavors include Spelt and Fig, Caraway, Seeded Wholegrain, Pink Peppercorn, Charcoal & Rye and Spelt & Poppy Seed. The crackers are made using sourdough ingredients and are formulated to be the ideal choice for pairing with meats and/or cheeses in order to compliment other artisanal edibles.