Karim Nafatni Shows Off Adventurous Birds-Eye View Scenery

 - Jun 9, 2013
References: facebook & 500px
If you have a fear of heights, these photos of birds-eye view scenery may trigger your nerves. Photographer Karim Nafatni sees the world from great height, up to 35,000 ft from sea level. His slightly fish-eyed captures draw viewers in with its depth that reminds viewers a bit of the adrenaline rush of sky diving.

The cover photo, titled the Freefall, displays wide-framed cityscapes in detail from miles above the ground. The effect is both breathtaking and nerve-tingling. Other titles include Closer Look, City Dive and Superheros Watch. All photos are edited with a theme in mind, and the photographer has received much appraisal for his fitting choice of captions and poetic titles. These photos from way up high exude great ambiance with their colors—and the obvious height factor, making viewers envision the location and stance of the photographer when the photos were being taken.