Thomas Neveu's Bird Shelter Makes an Eco Friendly Use of Packaging

 - Apr 13, 2013
When it comes down to the most basic nature of consumerism, even the most environmentally friendly customer has trouble buying products that are 100% beneficial for the environment around them, but it's people like Thomas Neveu with his ingenious transformable bird shelter bottle packaging that are helping us think up new ways to use sustainable manufacturing processes.

Often times, environmentally savvy consumers are concerned with only the fact that the product that they've just paid for is sustainable. But Nevue's transforming bird shelter bottle set goes to show that even the actual packages we buy products in can be beneficial to the environment too.

Housing four, 500-gram reusable containers, this bottle package can easily be converted into a bird shelter that adheres to winders and also sees the bottles being used to feed our airborne friends grains.