This Creative Bird Illustration Series is Stupefyingly Stunning

This is no cute and cuddly bird artwork series to share on social media and gush over in your free time; this may be the weirdest and edgiest bird illustration series I've seen -- and it's amazing!

The product of the fabulously creative Hungarian designer and illustrator Orbán János, this bird illustration series is not only stunning because of the flawless technical aspects of sketching seen in the artwork, but in János's magical imagination as well.

It's almost like he creates a world of birds -- which he actually makes up and does a fantastic job of giving them wonderfully weird write-ups about what each bird is all about and its characteristics -- and takes us along for the ride just by looking at his work.

János and his unique work will help get your creative juices flowing and remind you that with imagination you can do anything -- even create your own bird species.