A Biometric Attendance Tracker is Improving Sindh’s Medical Facility

 - Jul 5, 2017
References: findbiometrics & pakistantoday.pk
Pakistan’s Safwat Ghayur Shaheed Memorial Children Hospital has implemented a biometric employee tracker to decrease the prevalence of absenteeism.

The implementation of this system aims to weed out 'ghost employees' -- staff who leave work early or don't show up to shifts but still obtain salaries and perks offered by the board. The new sign-in system requires all staff to scan their fingerprint prior to beginning their shift, increasing accountability with the over arching goal of providing better health care to patients. The punctuality and regularity of the doctors and medical staff are expected to be enhanced through this device, contributing to a more effective and efficient medical facility.

The healthcare biometrics market is expected to continue to expand, allowing Pakistan's Memorial Children Hospital to serve as an example of the benefits of biometric technology.