Sony's Biometric Controller Will Know How Entertained or Stressed You Are

 - Nov 8, 2011
References: & siliconera
According to recent patents filed on behalf of Sony Entertainment, the industry may be one step closer to the game-changing reality of a Biometric Controller.

The idea has been floating around for years, with only one recent attempt by Nintendo to bring an anatomy-analyzing interface to gamers. Imagine a video game which would adjust the difficulty of puzzles or the ingenuity of enemies depending on your emotional state. Frustrated by a challenging boss battle? The new Biometric Controller will pick up on your stress by observing blood pressure and temperature, and will accordingly limit the type of spells available to the crazed magician you've been fighting. Moreover, your in-game character could reflect your current mood, showing added fatigue, boredom or even determination depending on how you feel. It's an astonishing concept, and it'll hopefully help bridge the gap between the game and gamer.