The Packaging for Biodent's Mojito Gum Features Braille Writing

 - Aug 11, 2016
References: biodentco
The Iranian chewing gum company Biodent recently added Braille writing to its packaging as a way to make its products more accessible to the visually impaired. While adding Braille to packaging is common in many parts of the world, it is rare in Iran's food industry. Now Biodent is making its products more accessible by helping the visually impaired identify the brand.

The new Braille packaging was created for Biodent's mojito chewing gum. With its fresh lemon and peppermint flavor, the gum is marketed as an oral care aid for freshening breath and preventing tooth decay. To help those with visual impairments find the gum on store shelves, the phrase "Biodent chewing gum, be smile" is written in Braille.

The new Biodent packaging demonstrates how simple changes can make products more accessible to a wide range of consumers.